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Clockwork inanimates constructed from broken timepieces

Fragments of memories caught like insects, life momentarily breathed back into time stilled mechanisms with long meandering entomological daydreams of time, beauty, life and loss.


Catch it.

Trap it.

Pin it in place.

Study it.

Search it for meaning


My work is predominantly inspired by fairy-tale, folklore and fantasy. the universal themes and hidden truths woven like silk threads between the boundaries of half imagined worlds.


Please do not tap on the glass.

Naomi Adams






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Clockwork Inanimates As seen in Turner Contemporary

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In 1892 the first of the Esteemed-Augmented-Pollenapis-Devices were deployed throughout the Sub-Eurovian Provinces to support their ever-declining bee population.

By the time it was discovered in 1896 that the devices had appointed a Queen it was already too late.


In the Summer of 1897, in order to control the increasingly destructive numbers of EAP-devices now swarming World 9’s Sub-Eurovian Provinces, the Anonymous Guild of Alchemechanical Originators released the blueprints for what they described as their Enhanced-Automated-Alessicarius-Device.

Once private enterprises responsible for the manufacture and distribution of these machines began to modify designs to maximise profits and further meet their customers’ needs the potential to weoponise this device soon became apparent.


On loan from World 9’s Department of Mechanical Agri-contrivances as part of the Interdimensional Technological Exchange these artefacts have been classified as Level 3 GTD and must NOT be reactivated under any circumstances.

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