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Naomi Adams






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A Path Through the Trees

(Original sketchbook catalogued in the Brooklyn Art Library with a call number of 149L.1-7.)

It came from nowhere, a trickle at first

And I watched as it thread its way through the shifting grasses

Towards barren forests.

Feeding life into silence,

Thoughts into minds

And warmth into veins

And I followed.


Through the past, buried deep beneath the trees,

Through white forests in darkness

Burned black on my retina,

Down rivers of fear

Springing delicate dreams

To the path through the woods

And I followed.


Then it coiled in my hand

And I weaved it a name

From the dreams I once had

and the life I once dreamed

Thinking now I shall lead,

I shall make my own path

And now it will follow...


But it lay lifeless and limp until it was freed

And I watched as it thread its path through the shifting grasses,

Towards shining forests

Of love and of laughter

Dancing bright in the moonlight

Seeking unknown horizons.

And I followed..

Can you see where I've been my dream bound love?

Feel life pulsing through me, reckless and free?

Hear the trees calling the night sky above?

Roots bound to the earth as you are to me .

Two lives stitched together our paths entwined,

Wet from the rivers of hope and despair.

Thorns tear the ribbons of love as they bind

Us, our paths sewn into the mindight air.


Don't ask where the thread leads to my lover

Its truth unravelling into the dawn.

Hear the trees whisper lies to each other,

Illusions so real and perfectly drawn...


I must wake once more from these shining trees

And you my sweet friend who the morning frees.

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